I am highly entrepreneurial and started my career by teaching myself web design, before it was offered as part of a college curriculum. With a Marketing degree and web design experience, I was able to cross train with graphic designers, a skill set that I still use today. Combined with my MBA, I have evolved into more strategic roles, most recently managing the marketing efforts of several high security brands as the Marketing Director for the ASSA ABLOY High Security & Aftermarket Group.

My vision is to make a difference in the daily lives of others; empowering coworkers, listening to customers, and creating positive interactions with our product. I believe in focusing our brand message around what the organization believes in, why we make the product we sell. Our commitment is to listen to our partners and reflect an outward mindset, showing our commitment is on growing and impacting their business and not just improving our own.

Changing our mindset towards the needs of our partners affects the way we market our products, the way employees view their contribution and the way customers measure our impact on their organization. Mutually committed and mutually successful.