The Medeco I Believe marketing campaign was designed to promote not only what it is Medeco believes in but also why our customers and employees believe in Medeco.

The campaign began with a video and photographers session of about 20 dealers. The quotes were all in their own words and they turned into cover ad's on the Locksmith Ledger for the next two years. All of the ad's and digital marketing pointed back to the videos.

More dealer requested to be a part of it, so another 20 were added the following year. We then decided to do the same thing internally with our employees talking on video on why they believed in the product. It was very powerful hearing why a person in the factory cares so much about the product we make and our customers.

Re-Branding Arrow

Medeco took over management of Arrow Lock Company in 2006. The position of Brand Manager was created to restructure Arrows primary channel and rebuild the reputation of the brand. Within 12 months we turned around the brand and showed positive growth over prior year.

An aggressive ad campaign began in 01.07 focused on engaging the locksmith loyalty toward Arrow. A variety of high profile cover advertisements were run offering FREE items such as: Leads, Try Me Products Websites and Promotional Materials. For dealers to receive these items all that was required was online registration.

Within 12 months Arrow had generated a lead list of 10% of the target market and now had a direct channel of communication, even in an indirect business model. As of 11.10 this lead list continues to grow and is currently at 18% of the target market.


The Revolution touchscreen lock was the first product of its kind to be produced and sold into the locksmith industry. A launch plan was put in place to influence three target groups: The End User of the product, the locksmith dealer and the locksmith wholesaler.

This was the first product opportunity the brand had to influence the end user, as most markets are strictly commercial and price driven. Because of the technology elements of the product, a variety of both standard and new media PR went out; in addition to the social media presence for this product.

New Media sites were created on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Wikipedia. Social Bookmarketing sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit were also used to drive traffic to desired locations. An End User site, was benchmarked off of high end cell phone websites which target end users, but don't sell direct. As all end user traffic was sent to this site a list of authorized online retailers was created to take the process from conception to order. All New Media items are connected in such a way that the end user has a trail to follow when researching information.

Currently Arrow continues to communicate with locksmith dealers via a variety of outlets such as Social Media, e-newsletters and TeleSales.


Medeco & Arrow joined forces with a group of sister companies in 2013 to create a traveling showroom targeted at locksmiths. A coordinator was hired to help route and take care of the product maintenance on the vehicle.

The program ran four years and made over a hundred and seventy stops a year in the US, Canada and Mexico.

A marketing plan was put together to help the dealers promote each stop to their customers. We provided marketing support available to all 150 MSC's for custom flyers or anything else they needed to promote the event.

There were several other larger vehicles in the ASSA ABLOY fleet that would stop at large end users. Those vehicle's were too large for large lock shop's so a smaller RV was customized for this purpose. The strategy was designed to support our best customers bringing a showroom or tradeshow booth to them to be able to walk their own customers through the product lines.