It all started with YouTube and their advertising program. We created a high production series of deadbolt and then later padlock durability videos. The deadbolt videos reached over 4 Million Views and the padlocks over half a Million. All beacause of this program.industry.

Later as we were trying to reach small vertical targets we started investing heavily into Google adwords. These leads were valuable because it was such a specific niche. As we got on board with automation, we tied the two together to produce impressive results.


After setting up the MSC program, the team felt it wasn't feasible as we grew to keep investing in physical displays for each showroom. So we set out to find a different solution to get out message across.

That solution was Digital Signage. 150+ TV's all controlled internally. We would create a variety of video and images to stream to these devices and ultimately included our sister companies and their content as well.


My first attempt at lead management was in 2007. We were giving away Free Try Me Samples of Arrow Revolution through our sales force but most were never being installed or followed up with. I worked with a developer overseas to create LeadConnect, a way to manage, track and send updates to the reps as to if these ever lead to a sale. Great learning experience, I used to find the vendor and while it took longer to implement, he did a nice job.

Fast forward to 2016 and we had a different problem, we were getting about 10 leads a week on our deadbolts, but we didn't sell direct. The time it took to pass it off to dealers and hope they followed up was resulting in a lot of wasted leads. That's when we moved to selling a small line on Amazon to meet this need.


In 2017 I was tasked with researching what another sister company was accomplishing with marketing automation. That research proved very rewarding and came away with a few suggestions that were pitched to the President of ASSA ABLOY America's.

First, I was amazed at what they had put together. They were the one company in the group that operated alone worldwide, so they had the resources to pull it off. Secondly our brands couldn't do it alone. It required us to setup and require the reps to use a CRM system, which they were not currently. And for it to work properly we needed to do it together as a group. He bought in, and others were telling him the same message and we started implementation.

We were one of the first companies to execute a campaign because I already had one prepared and ready to go.