One of the best video projects I have been involved in. We shot for one day and came away with a series of 5 durability testing videos on the toughest deadbolt available. It was an excellent team effort.

I worked as a writer, producer and rough cut editor on this project and learned a lot from the director. The last video spot for did together for the Yale Assure Lock, without telling me, Steve Mason with Red Velocity added me on the clapboard as co-director. I enjoy being around those who take time to teach while they work.


This was based on the success we had with the padlock series. It included lifting a car with a padlock, shooting a padlock and other fun durability tests. We shot for two day and came away with a series of 5 durability testing video's. The funny thing about all of these video's is this kind of testing isn't normally done in any matter close to this. So every shoot we took a risk of not knowing what it would stand up to until we tried. This shoot in addition to working with Red Velocity, I was also able to work with actor/writer/producer Scotty Curley.

I worked on this project also as a writer, producer and rough cut editor.


This was the first of the first durability test videos we produced and it turned out great. We hadn't tested the product in these environments before and sure enough they held up. This was the project that got me hooked on the power of video and we included our customers in the marketing efforts of the product. It was a lot of fun.


I owe a lot of my video editing knowledge to Steve Mason at Red Velocity. We put video screens in about 150 MSC customers showrooms and needed fresh content to go into it. I learned the basics of After Effects enough to create graphic or text focused videos rotating in and out, without having to shoot any video. We needed bulk but didn't have the budget to outsource it, so this was the solution.